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Batterer men in prison and in court-referred treatment programmes what is the difference Descarga


This paper describes the demographic, gender violence and psychopathological characteristics of 399 men in a specialized treatment programme for gender violence. Furthermore, a comparison of all the variables studied among the subjects referred by the court to the treatment programme (n = 276) and those who were imprisoned (n = 123) was conducted. The results showed the existence of numerous statistically significant differences between groups, primarily in psychopathological variables and in cognitive bias about women and violence use. In general, imprisoned batterers showed more irrational beliefs both about women and about violence as a strategy to cope with everyday difficulties. Moreover, batterers in prison had significantly higher scores on all psychopathological symptoms as assessed by SCL-90-R, as well as in most of STAXI-2 subscales. According to these results, batterers in prison showed a higher severity in variables studied than those who were referred by the court to the treatment programme. Implications of these results for further research and clinical practice are also commented on.

The Spanish Journal of Psychology Vol. 15 No. 1 Año 2012

Universidad Pública de Navarra- Pamplona

Javier Fernández-Montalvo; José Antonio Echauri; María A. Martínez; Juana M. Azcárate
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21 Jun 2013
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